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1.Who was the second man on the moon?
Buzz Aldrin
2.Who was the second presenter of The Golden Shot?
Bob Monkhouse (Jackie Rae was 1st)
3.What is the second highest mountain in the world?
K2 (Austen Godwin)
4.What is the second book of the Old Testament?
5.Who was Britain's second Prime Minister?
Spencer Compton
6.Who were the second British football team to win the European Cup?
Man Utd
7.Who was the second person to set foot on top of Mount Everest?
Sherpa Tensing
8.What is the second letter of the Nato phonetic alphabet?
9.Who played the second Doctor on the TV show Doctor Who?
Patrick Troughton
10.What is the second longest river in the world?
The Amazon