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1.The phrase mind your Ps & Qs originally meant to watch how much you had to drink, but what did the letters `P` and `Q` stand for?
2.What spirit is used to make Daquari?
3.Which country has the largest Malt Whisky distillery in the world?
4.What is the flavour of `Ouzo`?
5.From what region does Claret come from?
6.Which evergreen trees berries are used to flavour gin?
7.Scotch Whisky and Drambuie make up which cocktail?
8.From what fruit is the French cordial syrup of Grenadine made?
9.What is added to tomato juice to make a Bloody Maria?
10.Which creature features on the logo of Bacardi rum?

quiz kindly submitted by Vince Newman on 20th May 2011