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1.In 1936, Billy Butlin set up his first holiday camp in Skegness. Where did he set up his second camp a year later?
2.Which seaside resort has an art gallery named after the painter J M W Turner?
3.Which resort set itself up as a spa in the mid-17th century?
4.In Jane Austen's last, unfinished novel, she satirised the seaside. What was the name of the novel (also the name of the fictional resort)?
5.Where was the sitcom Fawlty Towers set?
6.Pinkie brown is the main character of a Graham Greene novel, set at the seaside, Which novel?
7.In the monologue Albert and the Lion, which seaside resort was visited by Mr and Mrs Ramsbottom and their son Albert?
8.Tow which seaside reort did Dickens repeatedly take his family?
9.In 1908, a poster featuring a Jolly Fisherman described a resort as "so bracing". Which resort?
10.Which was the favourite seaside resort of George III?

quiz kindly submitted by Michael on 19th June 2011