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1.-Day in 1944 was the greatest sea-bourn invasion in history. What was the code name for the operation?
2.The Panzer MK V in WWII was better known as?
3.The greatest British naval victory in 1805 was off of which cape in Spain?
4.During the English Civil War the Parliamentarians held London. In which city did the Royalists establish their rival capital?
5.Which ancient, fierce warrior nation, upon attacking ancient Israel, ‘…. came down like a wolf on the fold’?
6.At which naval battle in WWII did the Americans decisively defeat the Japanese Carrier Task Force?
7.In 1944 what was the name of the operation to take key bridges over major rivers in Holland by airborne and land force assaults?
8.After which battle did the British Life Guards first obtain their breast-plates?
9.The bombardment of which fort was the act which started the American Civil War?
10.Which WWI battle occurred on a peninsular south of Istanbul in Turkey?

quiz kindly submitted by Jim Cutler on 20th July 2011