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1.Name Britain’s longest river.
River Severn
2.What is the highest mountain in England?
Scafell Pike (3,210’)
3.Which city is known as the ‘Granite City’?
4.Aquae Sulis is the Roman name for which modern city?
5.Which range of hills in the west country has Cheddar Gorge and it’s caves as well as Wookey Hole caves?
The Mendip Hills
6.What is the name of the extensive area of marshland on the south-east coast of Kent?
Romney Marshes
7.What is the name of the World Heritage Site on the coastline of Dorset and East Devon?
The Jurassic Coast
8.On which island are the Cuillin Hills?
The Isle of Skye
9.Which word, common in the South of England, describes a steep-sided river valley where the water flows through coastal cliffs to the sea?
A chine
10.What was the UK’s earliest National Park?
The Peak District (1951)