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1.Which 60s fashion icon gave it all up to run a hotel in Cornwall?
Jean Shrimpton
2.Who kept her face in a jar by the door?
Eleanor Rigby
3.Who was the first artistic director of the National Theatre, started at the Old Vic in 1963?
Laurence Olivier
4.Which long-running television programme started on the day after President Kennedy's assasination?
Doctor Who
5.The Beatles had an unbroken run of number one British singles from 1963 until, in March 1967, they were pushed into second place. By which singer?
Engelbert Humperdinck (with Release Me)
6.Which British film from 1963 won four Oscars and was based on a novel first published in 1749?
Tom Jones (novel by Henry Fielding)
7.The Profumo affair is frequently blamed for bringing down the Conservative government in 1964. Who created the scandal by introducing John Profumo to Christine Keeler?
Stephen Ward
8.Which famous piece of music was commissioned for the reconsecration of Coventry Cathedral in 1962?
The War Requiem (Benjamin Britten)
9.In 1969, a man was stabbed to death by a member of the Hell's Angels at a Rolling Stones concert. Where was the concert held?
Altamont (Northern California)
10.The Biba boutiques were at the heart of swinging London and at one time had the highest turnover of any British retail company. Who founded and ran Biba?
Barbara Hulanicki