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1.What was the name of the cavalry regiment raised and trained by Oliver Cromwell in the English Civil War?
The Ironsides
2.William Howard Russell became famous as what during the Crimean War?
War Correspondent (for The Times)
3.The Bourbon dynasty began to rule which country from 1700 and still do?
4.What was abolished in Russia in 1861?
5.Near which city in Russia did the greatest tank battle of World War II take place in July 1943?
6.Abyssinia is the former name of which country?
7.At the battle of Ashdown, in A.D 871, the Danes were defeated by forces under which famous king?
King Alfred (The Great)
8.What did Prince Albert, consort of Queen Victoria, die of?
9.Who was the first monarch of the House of Tudor?
Henry VII
10.Who crowned Napoleon as Emperor?
He crowned himself