1. What is the first name of the American professional tennis player with the surname Fish.
2. Michael Fish is a BBC weatherman, but in what field did his namesake become famous in the 1960s & 70s
3. In which rock band was Fish the lead singer
4. In which TV series was the lead character Michael Schofield nicknamed Fish.
5. Paul McGann & Gemma Redgrave starred in a BBC drama series called Fish in 2000, what were their professions
6. In which country is Fishoek, a wine producing coastal area.
7. Who was the female lead in the movie A Fish Called Wanda
8. In Finding Nemo, what was the name of Nemo’s father.
9. Which progressive rock band had a track called The Fish on their 1971 album Fragile, their 4th album, but the first to feature Rick Wakeman.
10. Who starred in the 1991 movie The Fisher King