1. What is the first name of the American professional tennis player with the surname Fish.
2. Michael Fish is a BBC weatherman, but in what field did his namesake become famous in the 1960s & 70s
 Fashion designer.
3. In which rock band was Fish the lead singer
4. In which TV series was the lead character Michael Schofield nicknamed Fish.
 Prison Break
5. Paul McGann & Gemma Redgrave starred in a BBC drama series called Fish in 2000, what were their professions
 Lawyers – set in a court.
6. In which country is Fishoek, a wine producing coastal area.
 South Africa – Western Cape.
7. Who was the female lead in the movie A Fish Called Wanda
 Jamie Lee Curtis
8. In Finding Nemo, what was the name of Nemo’s father.
9. Which progressive rock band had a track called The Fish on their 1971 album Fragile, their 4th album, but the first to feature Rick Wakeman.
10. Who starred in the 1991 movie The Fisher King
 Robin Williams