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Dickens' 200th birthday is February 7th, 2012

1.Dickens is known as a Victorian novelist. But who was on the throne when he was born?
2.In which English town was Dickens born?
3.In 1824, at the age of 12, Dickens was sent out to work because of his father's bankruptcy. Where did he work? ?
4.Dickens returned to school in the sae year. What was his first job after leaving school in 1827?
5.How many children did Dickens and his wife have?
6.In 1865, Dickens survived a train crash. Where did this happen?
7.In later yeears, Dickens wrote in a chalet in his garden. Which country did the chalet come from?
8.What was the name of the young actress who was Dickens' mistress in the last years of his life?
9.In which year did Dickens die?
10.Which of Dickens' friends wrote The Life of Charles Dickens, published in three volumes between 1872 and 1874?

quiz kindly submitted by Michael on 4th December 2011