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Q`s & A`s all about British Prisons

1.What is the name of the womens prison situated in North London?
2.Named after a village in Kent what is the generic name for Young offenders institutes?
3.The Old Bailey was built on the site of which former prison?
4.HMP Manchester is more commonly known by what name?
5.From which London prison did Ronnie Biggs escape in 1965?
6.Long Kesh & the "H" block were part of which Northern Irish prison?
7.Which high security prison is situated in the city of Glasgow?
8.In which midlands prison did Fred West hang himself in 1995?
9.From which London prison did the spy George Blake escape in 1966?
10.Name the three prisons that make up HMP The Isle of Wight?

quiz kindly submitted by Zorro on 13th December 2011