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1.Who starred in the films: "The Gold Rush", "City Lights" & "Modern Times"?
2.Whose debut album released in 1998 was entitled "The Voice of an Angel"?
3.Which author who died in 1998 was the most borrowed author from British libraries for over twenty years?
4.In the USA, the second Monday in October is a celebration in recognition of which historical figure?
5.Which actor, possibly best known for his portrayal of Clark Griswald, hosted the American Acadamy Awards Ceremony in both 1987 and 1988?
6.Who in the early 1960's became known as the "King of The Twist"?
7.Which actress played Monica Geller in the TV series "Friends"?
8.Which fashion designer was chiefly responsible for the popularization of the "Little Black Dress"?
9.Who was Home Secretary during the "Foreign Prisoners Scandal" of 2006?
10.Which supermodel was married to Richard Gere between 1991 and 1995?

quiz kindly submitted by PhiltheQuiz on 12th April 2012