1. Who was responsible for losing Barings Bank 830 million in 1995?
 Nick Leeson
2. Italy won the 2006 FIFA world cup, who lost the final?
3. Which of King Henry VIII wives lost their heads?
 Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard
4. Which model lost a leg in a motorcycle accident after watching her mother lose a leg in a car crash 20 years earlier?
 Heather Mills
5. If you were suffering from 'Trachoma' what would you have lost?
6. Who lost his way in the Dakkar Rally in 1982?
 Mark Thatcher
7. Who released the 1994 single 'Loser'?
8. Who lost the United States presidential election in 2004 to George W Bush?
 John Kerry
9. To whom did pop star Gareth Gates allegedly lose his virginity?
 Jordan or Katie Price
10. Who lost her heart to a starship tropper?
 Sarah Brightman & Hot Gossip