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1.At 7am on Saturday 19 May 2012 which gold medalist started the torch delay in Lands End?
2.At what weight did Cassius Clay win an Olympic gold medal at the 1960 Rome games?
3.Of the athletic events being contested in 2012, which event has the longest standing Olympic record?
4.What is the venue for the 2012 Olympic Badminton ?
5.In which Olympic track cycling event is a derny used?
6.In which event did Boris Onischenko compete before being disqualified for cheating at the 1976 Montreal Games?
7.Which is the only country to have hosted the winter and summer Olympics in the same year?
8.Mark Spitz famously won seven gold medals in the 1972 Munich Olympics. How many gold medals did he win the the 1968 Mexico City games?
9.Which was the first country to host the Olympic games for a second time?
10.In which country will the 2014 Winter Olympic games be held?

quiz kindly submitted by Arthur on 15th June 2012