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Some TV shows have had a number of presenters. These are given in chronological order, but name the missing presenter.

1.Call My Bluff: Robin Ray, Robert Robinson, ____ , Fiona Bruce
2.Give Us a Clue: Micheal Aspel, Michael Parkinson, ____
3.Never Mind the Buzzcocks: ____ , Simon Amstel, individual guests from 2009
4.Opportunity Knocks: Hughie Green, Bob Monkhouse, ____
5.Question of Sport: David Vine, ____ , Sue Barker
6.Winning Lines: ____ , Philip Schofield.
7.The Golden Shot: Bob Monkhouse, ____ , Charlie Williams
8.You've Been Framed: Jeremy Beadle, ____ , Jonathan Wilkes
9.Ready Steady Cook: ____ , Ainsley Harriet
10.Family Fortunes: Bob Monkhouse, ____ , Les Dennis