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CATS (2D!)

1.Which cat spends most of his time chasing Tweety Pie?
2.Who has friends Chris Rabbit and Mosey Mouse and enemies Farmer Giles and Rum Baa Baa?
3.Who was often heard to say "I hate those meeces to pieces!" ?
4.Which cartoon series featured the characters Lion-o, Cheetera, Tygra and Snarf/
5.Lasagna and pizza are the favourite foods of which cat?
6.What is the name of the cat on the show regularly watched by Bart and Lisa Simpson?
7.Who was the leader of the gang whose members included Benny the Ball ,Brain and Choo Choo?
8.Which cat featured in the Dandy comic?
9.In the cartoon Roobarb and Custard, what colour was Custard?
10.In the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip,what kind of cat is Hobbes?