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1.In Greek Mythology, which creature was part human and part horse?
2.Which Sherlock Holmes classic horror was subtitled “Kitty’s Vengeance”?
The Adventure of the Illustrious Client (Accept “Illustrious Client”
3.Sea, Black, Bald, Phillipine and Crested are all types of what?
4.In which 2006 film does Mark Wahlberg try out for a University American Football team?
5.Which UK manufacturer produced models such as Trident, Spitfire, Bonneville, Daytona and Dolomite?
6.In nautical terms, what is the name of the extension of a ship’s side above the level of the weather deck?
7.What name links a chic handbag, a Greek god and a parcel delivery company?
8.Which one word connects Elton John, Steptoe & Son and a Disney animated film?
Hercules (Elton’s middle name, steptoe’s horse and the cartoon film)
9.Which famous resident resides at Highgrove House?
The Prince of Wales
10.What is the connection between these answers?
All UK Aircraft Carriers

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