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Which Dick.......

1.served as vice-president under George W.Bush?
2.was probably the most famous highwayman?
3.was the great white whale in a story in a story by Herman Melville?
4.wrote Babe,the Gallant Pig which was made into a sucessful motion picture?
5.according to the folk tale travelled to London with his cat and became Mayor of London?
6.was an English comedian and actor who was often heard to say "oo you are awful, but I like you"?
7.was a "Special Agent" in a BBC radio programme in the late 1940's? aTV presenter, eco-engineer,ex-army colonel and owner of the finest moustache in showbiz?
9.appeared in Mary Poppins as a chimney sweep and gave a much maligned cockney accent? a British steamed pudding containing dried fruit and often served with custard?