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1.Name 3 of the 5 European countries/principalities that share the same name as their capital city?
2.What is the capital city of the USA state Florida?
3.Vaduz is the capital of which doubly land locked central European principality?
4.What is the capital city of Morocco?
5.The International border of China and one other country runs across the precise summit of Mount Everest. What is the capital city of the other country?
6.Field Marshal Arthur Wellesley, shares his better known title with which Southern Hemisphere capital city?
7.The Dakar Rally (previously known as the Paris Dakar rally) is an annual event, but of which country is Dakar the capital city?
8.What is the current capital city of Turkey?
9.Amsterdam is the capital city of the Netherlands, but where is the Dutch Seat of Government based?
10.Mogadishu could possibly be the 21st Century capital city of pirates, but which country is this the capital of?

quiz kindly submitted by Vince Newman on 9th October 2012