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1.The word Pantomime comes from a Greek word meaning; 1. We can act anything; 2. Family Entertainment; or 3. Acting without words?
2.What told Dick Whittington to “turn again”?
3.In which pantomime does Maid Marian appear?
4.What is the name of Aladdin’s mother?
5.Who ate the Gingerbread House?
6.The good fairy usually enters from stage right and the villain from stage left. What do the right and left side of the stage symbolise?
7.What role is usually played by a middle-aged man in drag, often the hero’s mother?
8.Which wicked character is seeking the magic lamp containing the all-powerful Genie, so that he can rule the World, when Aladdin and his family intervene?
9.In what year was Pantomime first introduced to the English stage? 1702; 1802; or 1902?
10.What does Cinderella\'s Fairy Godmother turn into a coach?