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1.Name the late 1970’s cult TV programme, which was based on the 16th century Chinese novel, journey to the west?
Monkey. (Aaron Monk)
2.Which Cadbury’s chocolate bar was named after a bus?
Double Decker. (Jan Dekker)
3.Who is first in line to the British Throne?
Charles, Prince of Wales. (Richie Burnett)
4.What are the four events that make up the men’s throwing events in athletics?
Hammer, Discus, Shot put and Javelin. (Andy Hamilton)
5.Which drink is a mixture of lager and cider?
Snakebite. (Peter Wright)
6.Who did Simple Simon meet on his way to the fair?
The Pie man. (Andy Smith)
7.Which cartoon strip character first appeared in The Beano in 1951?
Dennis the Menace. (Dennis Priestly)
8.Which Peter Benchley novel was made into a film in 1975 by Steven Spielberg?
Jaws. (Colin Lloyd)
9.Which song title connects Huey Lewis and the news, Jennifer Rush and Frankie goes to Hollywood?
The power of love. (Phil Taylor)
10.What connects the previous nine answers?
Dart players nicknames.

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