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1.What ship was the subject of the mutiny led by Fletcher Christian against Capt. William Bligh.
2.Name the passenger ship hijacked in 1985 by thr Palestinian Liberation Front.
3.what was Sir Francis Drake'sship during his global circumnavigation between 1577 & 1580.
4.Which ship gained notoriety when it spilt oil all over Prince William Sound in Alaska in 1989.
5.What was the worlds first nuclear powered aircraft carrier, still in commission with the US Navy
6.What was Jacques Cousteau's mobile oceonagraphic laboratory.
7.Name of one of the most famous warships of WWII named after a German Chancellor - ordered to be sunk by Churchill.
8.Worlds first nuclear powered sub & first to complete a submerged transit across North Pole.
9.Raft used by Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl named after Inca Sun God.
10.Launched in 1906 & became a generic term for modern battleships and the name of a class of battleships in the Royal Navy.

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