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It's Superbowl Week... let's have some NFL questions

1.What is the trophy awarded to the Superbowl champions called?
2.In what year was the first Superbowl held?
3.Which team won that first Superbowl?
4.Which teams will compete in the Superbowl on February 3, 2013?
5.In what city will the Superbowl on Feb 3, 2013 be held?
6.Who threw a record six touchdown passes in one Super Bowl, in 1995?
7.As of Jan 2013, how many teams compete in the NFL
8.What was Hall of Fame ( and now disgraced) Running Back O.J. Simpson's nickname?
9.Which is the only team to lose 4 consecutive Superbowls?
10.Where is the Pro Football Hall of Fame located?

quiz kindly submitted by Quizgeek on 28th January 2013