1. The satirical comedy Airplane! was released in what year?
2. As of 2013, what is the worlds largest passenger airplane?
 Airbus A380
3. MiniBus, NintendoJet, ScareBus, Chainsaw, Deathjet are all nicknames for which model of aircraft?
 Airbus A320
4. What is the name of the helicopter used to transport the President of the United States
 Marine One
5. In August 2009, the band Train released what hit, that made it to #3 on the American Billboard charts?
 Hey Soul Sister
6. What make of car was used as the platform for the time machine in the Back to the Future franchise?
7. The high speed network of bullet trains in Japan is known as what?
8. The first coin-operated parking meter in the US was installed in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. In what year was it installed?
9. Which city has the greatest number of Rolls Royce automobiles per capita?
 Hong Kong
10. Of the two Wright brothers, who was born first?