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Sport in Numbers 1-10

1.The only man to score a Hat-Trick in a World Cup Final?
2.The 2 Fences that are only jumped once in the Grand National?
3.The 3 men who won the F1 World Championship who all share the same surname?
4.The 4 men who have won the Tour De France 5 Times?
5.The 5 Boxers who beat Muhammed Ali?
6.The 6 snooker players who Steve Davis beat in World Championship Finals in the 80's?
7.The 7 English Football teams who have won the League and FA Cup double?
8.The 8 Footballers who have scored 2 goals in a World Cup Final?
9.The 9 horses who gave Lester Piggot his Derby wins?
10.The 10 Events in a Decathlon?