1. What was the name of country music`s first superstar who died at the age of 29 from drink and drug abuse?
 Hank Williams
2. What brand of beer does Homer Simpson drink?
3. What type of drink lended itself to the title of a number one single for All Saints?
 Black Coffee
4. What popular drink was originally called `Brad`s Drink`?
5. Who painted 'Absinthe Drinker' in 1901?
 Pablo Picasso
6. Which country does the drink Cinzano come from?
7. In 2002, a TV advert for which drink featured a cat called Tom going clubbing?
 Bacardi Breezer
8. What drink is made from molasses?
9. Which famous author once said `Work is the curse of the drinking class`?
 Oscar Wilde
10. How is the drink which was introduced in 1929 and originally called Lithiated Lemon, known now?