1. Which school did Harry Ppotter attend
 Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry
2. What is the name of the master who ran Dotheboys Hall
 Wackford Squeers
3. Who was known as the Fat Boy of the Reserve
 Billy Bunter
4. Who wrote the play School for Scandal
 Richard Sheridan
5. Which fictional girls' boarding school was created by the cartoonist Ronald Searle
 St. Trinians
6. If you were training at Norland College what would you hope to become
 Professional Nanny
7. RAF College Cranwell is located in which county
8. What would you be training for if you attended White Lodge, Richmond Park
 Classical Ballet
9. Which town is the administrative centre for the Open University
 Milton Keynes
10. Who played the character Mr Chips in the 2002 TV adaptation of Goodbye Mr Chips
 Martin Clunes