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1.Which battle took place 19 days after the Battle of Stamford Bridge?
2.Who plays Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films?
3.Who had a UK no3 hit in 1976 with a cover version of the Hoagy Carmichael penned song “My Resistance Is Low” ?
4.What type of animal was Eeyore in Winnie the Poo?
5.What is the first book of the Millennium series trilogy by Stieg Larsson
6.Which river is the ninth longest in the UK and the third longest in Scotland?
7.What is Mark Labbett’s nickname on ITV quiz show The Chase?
8.Which UK pharmacy chain was established in Nottingham in 1849
9.Having the same Initial for his first name and Surname who was the 30th president of the USA
10.What is the connection between the 9 answers above?

quiz kindly submitted by Miss Terry on 29th April 2013


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