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All these questions are linked by rivers.....

1.Which is the longest river in Europe at 2294 miles?
2.What was the theme song for Andy Williams who first recorded it in 1961 and later performed it at the OSCARS?
3.Which American Actor, star of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, died outside the Viper room in 1993?
4.Sean Penn played Jimmy Markum in which 2003 film?
5.The Mackenzie is the longest river in which country?
6.Which Dr Who character, a human with Time Lord DNA, was once played by Alex Kingston?
7.The Ancient God Hapi, was the God of which river?
8.Which famous beer brand is named after a Dutch river?
9.Niagara Falls are found on which river?
10.Which river flows through empties into Cardiff bay next to the river Ely?