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1.On board ship, what is housed in a binnacle?
2.What is the proper name for the flag flown by the Merchant Navy sometimes known as a Red Duster?
Red Ensign
3.In the naval term 'freeze the balls on a brass monkey', what is a brass monkey?
Rack for holding cannon balls
4.Which shipping forecast area is directly north of German Bight?
5.What is the meaning of the nautical term "avast"?
6.Where on a ship would you find a skyscraper?
Top of the mast ie the highest sail
7.What was a loblolly boy?
Surgeon's assistant
8.On ship, how long does a dog watch last?
2 hours
9.What was the name of the ship commanded by Captain Pugwash?
The Black Pig
10.After the mutiny on the Bounty, where did Christan Fletcher and his mutineers settle?
Pitcairn Island