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1.Who was the first British Prime Minister?
Robert Walpole
2.Who did John Francis attempt to assassinated in 1842?
Queen Victoria
3.Which is the only English queen never to have set foot on English soil?
Berengaria of Navarre (wife of Richard I)
4.Who was the first person to cross the English Channel by aeroplane?
Louis Bleriot
5.Which Royal Wedding took place in 1973?
Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips
6.At Dettingen in 1743 who was the last British monarch to lead his troops into battle?
George II
7.In its first epidemic in Britain in 1832, which disease killed between 20 and 30,000 people?
8.At the 1908 Olympic Games, City of London Police defeated Liverpool Polce to win gold - at what event?
Tug of War
9.Who took Bonnie Prince Charlie disguised as a woman from Benbecula to Skye
Flora McDonald
10.King Henry I reportededly died from eating a surfeit of .... what?