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1.According to Noel Coward, who "go out in the midday sun"?
2.Graham Nash left which group in 1968 to join David Crosby and Stephen Stills?
3.Lara's Theme was part of the score for which 1965 film?
4.Who was nominated for a Best Actress Oscar for her role as Mrs Robinson in The Graduate?
5.On which instrument was the theme for The Third Man performed?
6.What film of 1968 set in the 41st Century starred Jane Fonda and Milo O'Shea?
7.What French term is used in ballet for dancing on the tip of the toe?
8.Who was sacked as the Beatles' drummer and replaced by Ringo Starr?
9.Who sang with Queen on their 1981 UK Number One "Under Pressure"?
10.In which is Shakespeare's plays are the title character's last words "the rest is silence"?

quiz kindly submitted by Christine on 19th June 2013