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1.Which president was shot whilst reviewing a military parade in October 1981?
Anwar Sadat
2.Lee Harvey Oswald shot John F Kennedy, but who shot him?
Jack Ruby
3.In which year was John Lennon assassinated?
4.Who stabbed Jean-Paul Marat in his bath in 1793, an act which has later been seen as patriotic?
Charlotte Corday
5.Which guerilla leader during the Irish War of Independence was assassinated in 1922?
Micheal Collins
6.Which Roman Emperor was allegedy killed by his wife, Aggripina, in AD54?
7.Which is the only British Prime Minister to have been assassinated?
Spencer Perceval
8.Politician Airey Neave was assassinated in Westminster in 1979 - how was the killing carried out?
Car Bomb
9.Which British jounalist was shot outside her home in Fulham 1999?
Jill Dando
10.Whose last words were "Et Tu Brute" according to Shakespeare?
Julius Ceasar