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1.Which Gerry Anderson TV character is modelled upon James Garner?
Troy Tempest
2.In which fictional county would you find DCI Tom Barnaby?
3.What is the name of the drummer with Showaddywaddy?
Romeo Challenger
4.Mel Gibson (1990) and Kenneth Branagh (1996) have both played which character in movies?
5.The body of which monarch has been found beneath a car park in Leicester City Centre?
King Richard III
6.Which board game is also known as "Reversi"?
7.Which David Essex hit was co-written by Mike Batt & Tim Rice?
Winter's Tale
8.Which mammal does the term "Soricidae" refer to?
9.Pound, cup and foot are all types of what?
10.What is the connection between answers 1 to 9?
The plays of William Shakespeare

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