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1.Name the New Zealand born American model/actress who was married to Rod Stewart from 1990 to 2006?
Rachel Hunter
2.What was the name of the TV character portrayed by Warren Mitchell in the TV series Till Death us do Part?
Alf Garnett
3.The Incredible Hulk is the alto ego of which character?
Bruce Banner
4.Which character was Nurse Gladys Emmanuel engaged to in the series Open All Hours?
5.Which actor played the lead role in Steven Spielbergs first TV movie, Duel (1971)?
Dennis Weaver
6.Which co-founder of the London Marathon, also acted as pace maker for the first 2 laps of Roger Bannisters' 4-minute mile in 1954?
Chris Brasher
7.Which actor was married to Virginia McKenna from 1957-1994 and established the Born Free Foundation in 1991?
Bill Travers
8.What was the nickname of the character played by Dudley Sutton in the TV series 'Lovejoy'?
Tinker (Dill)
9.Not the Nine O'Clock News starred Rowan Atkinson, Pamela Stevenson Griff Rhys Jones and which other actor?
Mel Smith
10.What is the connection between the answers for 1-9?
Jobs/Occupations - Hunter, Garnett (Hinge Maker), Banner (Flag carrier), Arkwright (Chest maker), Weaver, Brasher (Brass worker), Travers (Toll collector), Smith (Metal worker).