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1.Which 'Artist' had the UK number one in the UK in the year 2000?
Bob the Builder, "Can We Fix It?"
2.Which Holiday movie favourite featured a character called Kevin McCallister?
Home Alone
3.Robert L May created which popular Christmas character in 1939?
4.On Christmas day in 2000, which country officially established a new National Anthem?
Russia. (Vladimir Putin signed the treay which uses parts of the Soviet Union anthem)
5.Who wrote the poem Twas the night before Christmas also called ďA Visit from St. Nicholas" in 1822?
Clement Clarke Moore
6.Which saint's day is also known as Boxing Day?
St Stephen.
7.True or False? The German's made the first artificial Christmas tree out of Goose feathers?
8.True or False? The word mistletoe comes from the gaelic words for kissing girl plant?
False (It comes from the Anglo Saxon word for little Dung twig)
9.Which comedy star plays the title character in the film Elf?
Will Ferrel
10.Which ancient relic was stolen by Scottish Activists from Westminster Abbey and returned to Scotland on Christmas day in 1950?
Stone of Scone (Aka the Stone of Destiny of Coronation Stone)