1. Who wrote the poem 'If'?
 Rudyard Kipling
2. At the end of the novel 'The Day Of The Triffids', on what island do the two sighted protagonists Bill Masen and Josella Payton eventually find refuge?
 Isle of Wight
3. Which region in the Pacific ocean is also the name of a character in the ‘Dr. Doolittle’ stories?
 Polynesia (the parrot)
4. Which French artist, born in 1834 was best known for his paintings of ballet dancers?
 Edgar Degas
5. Shakespeares’ ‘Hamlet’ was the Prince of which country?
6. Which artist is famous for his statue ‘The Thinker’?
 Auguste Rodin
7. Which British artist achieved notoriety in 1976 after confessing to faking old masters?
 Tom Keating
8. Who was the author of ‘Pygmalion’?
 George Bernard Shaw
9. Franz Hals painted his most famous work in 1624; what was it called?
 The Laughing Cavalier
10. Who was the pilot hero of Captain W.E. Johns stories?