1. Which superhero's sidekick had the real name of Dick Grayson?
2. Which literary character had a sidekick names Sancho Panza?
 Don Quixote
3. What was the profession of Wyatt Earps friend and sisekick Doc Holiday?
4. What was the christian name of Inspector Morse's partner Lewis?
5. In Danger Mouse who provided the voice of Penfold?
 Terry Scott
6. In the Sherlock Holmes stories, what is Dr.john Watson's middle name
7. In the Lone Ranger what was the name of Tonto's horse?
8. Which actor played the role of Kato in the 1966 tv series of the Green Hornet?
 Bruce Lee
9. On which day of the week did Robinson Crusoe meet his companion?
 Friday (Man Friday)
10. What rank in the British army was reached by Poirot's sidekick Arthur Hastings?