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1.Under which two bridges does the University Boat Race pass ?
HAMMERSMITH Bridge and Barnes Bridge.
2.What is the common game given to the spectacular light show the Aurora Borealis?
The NORTHERN Lights.
3.Where in London would the Statue of Eros be found?
4.What major battle took place on June 18th 1815?
The Battle of WATERLOO.
5.What was the name of the coffee house in "Friends"?
6.Which London museum houses the world's largest collection of decorative and design?
The VICTORIA and Albert Museum.
7.In the U.S., who represents the government in the prosecution of criminal offences?
The DISTRICT Attorney.
8.What is the proper name of the Liverpool cathedral colloquially known as "Paddy's Wigwam"?
Liverpool METROPOLITAN (of Christ the King).
9.What geometric shape is common to the flags of Japan and Bangladesh?
10.What is connection between the above answers?
London Underground lines.

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