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1.What was the first name of Sherlock Holmes' friend and ally, Dr Watson?
2.WPC / DS Sophia Cambridge was the aid to which oversized detective/restaurateur in 'Pie in the Sky'?
3.Miss Felicity Lemon was employed in the office of which fictional detective?
4.With whom would you associate the Dowager Duchess of Denver?
5.Which TV detective had a dog called simply "Dog"?
6.Who is assisted by DS James Hathaway, portrayed by Laurence Fox?
7.George Carter was the long suffering partner of which Detective Inspector?
8.Watching the Detectives was a #15 hit for Elvis Costello in 1977, and it was his first single that credited his backing band. Name his backing band?
9.D.S. Havers, played by Sharon Small was the 8th Earl of Asherton’s assistant? What was the name of the series?
10.Captain Harold C. Dobey was the boss of which duo of Southern California police detectives?

quiz kindly submitted by Vince Newman on 18th June 2014