Christmas Quizzes

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1.Dwayne Johnson is better known by which nickname
The Rock
2.Name the voice actor most famous for Winnie the Pooh, Kaa in Jungle Book, & Mr Stork in Dumbo.
Stirling Holloway
3.Which caves are a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), near Wells in Somerset
Wookie Hole
4.In woodwork, what are butt, dovetail & mitre
5.A female swan
6.Which car manufacturer has produced the Taunus, Laser & Thunderbird models
7.Name the fantasy movie directed by Terry Gilliam, where 6 dwarves have stolen a map.
Time Bandits
8.Which TV comedy had characters McLaren, Blanco & Warren
9.Name the third light blue property on a Monopoly board, that joins The Angel Islington & Euston Road.
Pentonville Road
10.What is the connection between these 9 answers.
Prison. The Rock (Alcatraz), Holloway, Ford & pentonville are prisons, Hole, Joint, Time, Porridge & Pen are slang terms.