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Put the 3 events in chronological order, starting with the earliest:

1.Release of: Thunderball / Diamonds are Forever / From Russia with Love
2.Birth of: John Keats / Thomas Hardy / William Wordsworth
3.First Patent application for: Submarine / Calculator / Dynamite
4.Independence from UK: Mauritius / India / Jamaica
5.First appearance of: Superman / Dick Tracy / Buck Rogers
6.France wins their first World Cup / Fred Perry wins Wimbledon / Bodyline cricket tour of Australia
7.The last child to be migrated from UK by Bernardos / The last execution by hanging in UK / The last time Spurs won the League title
8.Patent application for: Kellogs Corn Flakes / Diesel engine / Marconi radio
9.Beatles no1s: Paperback writer / Cant buy me love / Hey Jude
10.First TV showing of: Blue Peter / Coronation Street / Panorama

quiz kindly submitted by Fraenulum on 1st December 2014