1. What is the first name of cricket umpire "Dickie" Bird
2. Which US President's wife was known as Bird
 Lyndon B Johnson
3. Who had a hit with Bird Dog in 1958
 Everley brothers
4. Who starred alongside Rod Taylor in Hitchcock's movie The Birds
 Tippi Hedren
5. How many birds in total did Robert Stroud, the Birdman of Alcatraz, have on the Island. Less than 10, 10-50, 50-100, more than 100?
 None. He had birds at Leavenworth prison prior to being assigned to Alcatraz.
6. The Birds were a 60s R&B group, but name their guitarist who went on to bigger things, and still tours in 2014
 Ronnie Wood (Rolling Stones)
7. John Bird was a comedian and satirist, who teamed up with which 2 other comedians for a satirical TV show.
 Rory Bremner & John Fortune (Bremner, Bird & Fortune)
8. Which jazz saxophonist was nicknamed "Bird"
 Charlie Parker
9. Reference the last question, who directed the bio-pic "Bird"
 Clint Eastwood
10. The birdeating spider (the largest spider in the world is found in what part of the world
 South America