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1.Who is credited with organising the first package holidays?
2.Strawberry tongue is a characteristic of which (colourful) disease?
3.Which U.S. band had hits with "Sylvia's mother" and " A little bit more"?
4.What is the name of the film director whose films include "Bladerunner" and "Gladiator"?
5.In Arthurian legend, what is the name of the enchantress who is Arthur's half sister?
6.Which veteran English actor's autobiography is entitled "Hello" ?
7.Which Disney film includes the characters Bubbles,Crush and Mr Ray?
8.Which patriotic Irving Berlin song includes the line " From the mountains to the prairie to the oceans white with foam" ?
9.Which U.S. actor played the title role in " Spartacus" ?
10.What connects the previous nine questions?

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