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1.Which Greek hero set off on a quest to find the golden fleece?
2.Which God did the ancient Egyptians believe protected the souls of the dead?
3.Who was the Roman God of doorways, gates and passageways?
4.In Norse myth, what was the name of Odin's eight- legged horse?
5.In Greek mythology, who was the mother (and later wife) of King Oedipus?
6.Who in Roman mythology was the Goddess of hearth and home?
7.In Egyptian myth who was the God of chaos and disorder?
8.In Norse mythology who was the shield maiden cursed to sleep within a circle of fire?
9.Which Greek warrior and hero killedthe monster called the Chimera?
10.In Roman legend, which animals are said to have saved Rome from a surprise attack by raising an alarm?

quiz kindly submitted by Damocles on 23rd January 2015