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Identify the German word used in English from the following clues:

1.A neurotic feeling of anxiety and depression?
2.Pain killing drug Acetylsalicylic Acid developed by Bayer Pharmaceuticals in 1899?
3.Lightning or sudden overwhelming attack?
4.Dog originally trained to hunt badgers?
5.Anti-Aircraft Gun, or taking heavy criticism?
6.Fake, or artifical, especially relating to food and drink?
7.Shape or pattern - in psychology, any of the structures and patterns that make up a person's experiences?
8.Literally "Bell Play", a musical instrument layed by striking flat metal bars?
9.Literally "Realistic Politics" - power based on expediency rather than ethics or public opinion?
10.The enjoyment of someone else's misfortune?

quiz kindly submitted by Damocles on 1st February 2015