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1.Who wrote the novel "Trainspotting"?
Irvine WELSH.
2.What is the name of the world's highest waterfall?
ANGEL Falls.
3.By what other name is the Flying Fox known?
The FRUIT Bat.
4.From what material is the Taj Mahal constructed?
5.Which Scottish football club is nicknamed "The Arabs"?
DUNDEE United.
6.which region of the earth's stratosphere traps most of the sun's UV radiation?
The Ozone LAYER.
7.Which cartoon character lives in Bikini Bottom?
SPONGE Bob SquarePants.
8.What is the name of the trophy awarded to the NHL Play-off winners?
Stanley CUP.
9.What name is given to the Northumberland dish consisting of layered potato,onion and cheese?
PAN Haggerty.
10.What connects the previous nine answers?
All varieties of CAKE.

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