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1.In science fiction, who formulated the Three Laws of Robotics?
2.What is the name of the highest mountain in Great Britain?
3.What is the chemical symbol for Silver?
4.Which U.S. Serial Killer was nicknamed "The Killer Clown"?
5.From which plant do we derive the drug Digitalis?
6.How many centimetres are there in a 'Hand', the measurement used on horses?
7.Who played Lord Melchett in the TV comedy series Blackadder II?
8.What were the names of the 3 Bronte sisters?
9.What letter comes next in the following sequence - A,S,D,F,G,H, J, K ?
10.Which is the odd one out: Death on the Nile, The Sign of Four, Sparkling Cyanide, The Mysterious Affair at Styles?

quiz kindly submitted by Damocles on 20th March 2015