1. In the 80s TV series ALF - what did A.L.F stand for?
 Alien Life Form.
2. From what type of wood was Pinocchio carved?
3. In the kid's TV series Rainbow - what kind of animal was George meant to be?
4. Which ventriloquist was Lord Charles' sidekick?
 Ray Allen.
5. In which TV series did the Muppets first appear?
 Sesame Street.
6. What is the name of the dog in Punch and Judy?
7. In which Gerry Anderson TV series did Mike Mercury appear?
8. What was the name of Shari Lewis' sassy sock puppet?
 Lamb Chop.
9. In Thunderbirds what was the unnamed villain known as?
 The Hood.
10. In the Sooty show what kind of animal was Ramsbottom?