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1.The Rovers Return is now a free house but is still supplied by which brewery?
2.What is the name of the inn where Jim Hawkins lives at the start of Trwasure Island?
3.What was the name of the local in Only Fools And Horses?
4.This Cornish pub is the name of a Daphne du Maurier novel and Alfred Hitchcock film.
5.What is the name of the Edinburgh pub favoured by Ian Rankin's Inspector Rebus?
6.Amos brearley was the landlord of which fictional pub from 1948 until he retired in 1991?
7.The Bull is the village pub in an everyday tale of country folk. In which village is The Bull?
8.What are the names of the two pubs in Hogsmeade where you can get a pint of butterbeer?
9.The Olde Cock Inn and The Whippet Inn are pubs from which innuendo laden series of films?
10.Shaun of the Dead and Minder featured watering holes with what name common to both?

quiz kindly submitted by DEL on 18th May 2015